We all have experienced how a piece of music (sound) or beautiful painting (light) can alter our emotional state. That is because we are, at our core, vibrational beings and therefore are very sensitive to sound and light vibrations and frequencies.

We are currently going through a cycle of awakening into a higher consciousness and frequency. While many of us seek to align ourselves to, and manifest, a planet of love, light, joy, sustainability and harmonic resonance, many forces are fighting to maintain the status quo of a planet torn by war, hunger, disease, pollution and global warming.

As we ascend into higher frequency and consciousness, we are subject to attack by parasitic forces and entities that seek to keep us in lower emotion by suppressing our energy levels and our ability to transcend our current “reality.” The tools these forces and entities use include, fear, ostracism, violence implanted limiting belief structures and energetic attacks. These tools are being used to keep us controlled and in our current limited belief patterns in order to preserve the status quo of the destructive planetary spiral. Guruvie has labeled these forces and entities Suppressor Parasite Entities ("SPE's) as they suppress higher emotion and consciousness while thriving on lower emotional states and the creation of negative control patters.

In order to eliminate these SPE's, Guruvie has composed pieces of music that utilize specific frequencies to help bring the listener into higher emotional and empowered states where SPE implants, entities, belief systems and negative emotional patterns can be shed, released and removed, allowing the listener to connect to higher source and communication.

As well, certain frequencies, rhythms and instruments affect our energetic field and promote healing, positive emotional states and overall wellness. The music in the “Healing” category is written to achieve these purposes.


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